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Planning an event

It’s party time! It’s your son, Rohan’s birthday. You plan the event. You want to create an e-invitation. But what if you also want a printed invitation along with an RSVP? What if you want your friends to effortlessly see your photographs and videos that you captured for your son’s birthday from one single place? What if you want to provide the navigation details while they are on the way to your party?

You use Qruize Media to consolidate all the above. Create your very own digital invitation. Link it to your traditional, printed invitation by including a QR code too!

You decide to do the smart thing, you cruise to Qruize! We are here to help you out.

Smart invitations and Qruize Media

Register for free; in Qruize Media under the ‘Individual’ category and create a campaign, or a smart invitation, using the amazing Dashboard.

  • Enter a Title. For e.g., ‘Rohan’s birthday’.
  • Attach a welcome video of Rohan. Under ‘Media’ choose ‘Upload video’. Open, say, YouTube in another browser tab. Upload Rohan’s video. Copy the URL that appears in the address bar of the browser and paste the link in the text box.
  • Provide some detail. Under ‘Description’ enter a short and sweet description for the party, e.g., ‘Rohan turns one.’
  • Enter your contact details. Enter your web site, address, phone and email details.
  • Include your social presence, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Under ‘Social Plugins’ choose ‘Facebook’ from the List Box and enter your ‘Handle’ in the text box. Do the same for ‘Twitter’, ‘Pinterest’ etc. The invitee will be taken to the landing page.
  • Specify tags as keywords for search by internet search engines, e.g., “Rohan’s birthday’, ‘Rohan turns one’ etc.

Now ‘Save’ the campaign. This is the basic smart invitation. However, you wish to incorporate a map to the venue and facilitate RSVP.

Get by with a little help from…

The Qruize Media platform allows you to create a smart invitation which effortlessly integrates all the above allowing you to manage from one location – your smart device! For simplicity, instead of reinventing the wheel, let us use time tested third party applications like Facebook, Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Flickr, Picasa etc.

You have to…

  • Permit RSVP. For incorporating RSVP, you must create an event in a third party application like Facebook or Google Calendar. You wish to use, say, Facebook. Create the event, enter a name and description. Specify the date, time and venue. Invite people. After specifying invitees, you will see a URL in the address bar of your browser. Copy this link which we will refer to as MyRSVP-1. Now, come back to the Qruize Media page and ‘Edit’ your smart invitation. In the Dashboard, in the ‘Description’ text box enter ‘Please RSVP’. Using your mouse, highlight the text ‘RSVP’. The icon gets enabled as you do so. Click on the ‘Link’ icon. Paste the URL, MyRSVP-1 in the text box under ‘Link URL:’. Check the ‘Open in a new window’ box and enter the text ‘RSVP’ for the ‘Description’ text box. Click ‘X’ to save and return.
  • Include a map. In the Dashboard, in the ‘Description’ text box enter the address of the venue of the party. Open Google Maps in your browser and specify the location of the party. A map will be generated. Click on the ‘Link’ icon in Google Maps, copy the HTML code and come back to the Dashboard. Click on ‘Edit HTML code’ and paste it.

How to notify invitees…

After ‘Saving’ the newly created smart invitation, roll your mouse over the campaign. Click on the ‘Share’ icon. After entering a short invitation message, click on the ‘email’ icon, enter the recipient email ids (of the invitees), enter the sender’s (your) email id and click on the ‘Share’ button.

How does the invitee manage the invitation?

In the smart device, tapping on the link ‘Rohan’s birthday’ in the email invitation takes the invitee to the e-invitation in the Qruize Media page.

The aftermath…

After the party, you want all the invitees to view the pictures taken. You post the pictures in, say, Flickr. Now copy the URL in the address bar from the Flickr web site and paste the link in the Dashboard in the ‘Others’ category in the list box under ‘Social Plugins’. Now, all the invitees can see the photos from the same location as before.

Now, isn’t this a cool, smart invitation?

Click here to see a sample invitation.