Launching the Qruize Media BETA

Hello world! We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Qruize Media, a one stop platform for connecting the disconnected media channels.

Qruize Media enables mobile devices to interface traditional and digital media using smart tags. Qruize drives real time customer engagement via interactive campaigns across print, television, radio; unites them with the digital and consequently, the social media experience.

Hooking up traditional media with the world of digital media is incredibly simple. See how it works.

See an enticing advertisement on paper or on TV? Keep your mobile phone handy. And scan or tap the displayed smart tag with Qruize Reader, a downloadable app. Be instantaneously transported to the digital world. Get directed to a web site and learn more about the exciting product. Enjoy the experience in rich multimedia – in vivid color and awesome sound. Claim that discount. Get that coupon. Check out that video. Take a virtual tour. Avail instant benefits. Attain instant gratification. With just a click!

Qruize Media is an amazing boon for businesses! Ad space and the static nature of traditional media is today’s constraint. If only the ad could show more!

Would you like to announce additional benefits in real time? Or, delight customers with dynamic offers? Apart from lively ads, get magnificent ROI with the least ad spend. Avail detailed analytics like the number of scans, time, place and device used to scan and make informed marketing decisions. Create designer smart tags in line with your marketing theme.

And individuals! Add muscle to your business card. Print a smart tag on it and allow people to connect to you and your social media presence with a measly click.

Lost your precious belongings? Your passport? Your wallet? Attaching a smart tag to your belongings will minimize many a headache if the finder can scan ownership details from it.

Ridiculously simple? Awesome benefits? Innovative use cases of smart tags are limited only by your imagination.

You can also ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Retweet’ to your heart’s content!

Just cruise to Qruize! Register and create a campaign in a flash using our incredible campaign management dashboard. Spend the most profitable 5 minutes ever! And connect the disconnected…

  1. D Pramode said:

    My comments on the cosmetic perspective :

    Website looks very impressive and if the paragraph and a consistent font would make the site look more impressive . Likewise if we can provide a feedback on the home page would be much better.. Thanks.

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