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The traditional business card

The business card is a great innovation helping millions of people propagate their businesses favorably. The traditional business card continues to rule the roost but is slowly giving way to the next in line – the ‘smart’ business card. Let us have a look at the limitations of the ‘non-smart’ business card in this dynamic, digital era.


Typically, a business card holds a company name, the card holder’s name, designation, address, phone and fax number and the email address. When someone offers you a business card, you store it someplace safe. You fish it out later, refer to it and physically note down the name, numbers and other details in an address book. To talk to the person, you manually punch in the phone number. You compose an email, type in the email id and save the address after sending it. All this makes the traditional business card useful but tedious, cumbersome and a thing of the past.

What’s next?

The next generation business card is the traditional card with a smart tag attached. For instance, just adding your Quick Response (QR) code to your traditional business card is one way of making it a smart business card. Now your business card can be scanned and gleaned for more information.

Your smart phone/tablet is going to come in very handy.

Qruize Media, QR codes and the future

How will Qruize Media make your life simpler and more effective? Just log in to Qruize Media and register. You will be asked to create a campaign. Choose an account under the ‘individual’ category. With Qruize’s insanely user friendly Dashboard, this will be a breeze. Key in your profile details. Enter your campaign heading. Affix a photo or even a YouTube video to your portfolio. Enter your web site address, contact address, phone numbers, fax and email id. The bonus that you get with Qruize is that you get to enter the details of all the social media presence that you have, so that it can be accessed later by a colleague from one convenient location. Enter the data once and save the campaign. Qruize now generates a dedicated QR code. You can download this QR code and print it later at your convenience. Isn’t this amazingly simple?


The future of business cards has arrived! The next time a colleague scans your QR code with a mobile phone or a tablet all the relevant data gets transferred to it. S/he can peruse address details at his/her leisure. S/he can now call you by simply tapping on the phone number on the screen. It sure beats cumbersome dialling. Smartly recognizing the operating system that your device uses, the Qruize Media platform transfers the v-card details to your address book. Indeed, this saves tedious writing.

Qruize makes your email signature smarter

Attach the image file of your QR code beneath your email signature after downloading it. Your profile details are now available to your colleague to add it to his/her phone’s address book.


Qruize consolidates your social media presence

During campaign creation, you can specify the URLs and the handles of all the social media accounts that you subscribe to. Now, with a friendly tap, your colleague can ‘like’ you in Facebook or ‘tweet’ you in Twitter. Your colleague can also tap an icon in his/her smart device and Qruize directs him to your social media page.


The future is here

Friends, let’s welcome the future with an open mind! Simply cruise to Qruize for your smart profile. And get cracking…


Hello world! We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Qruize Media, a one stop platform for connecting the disconnected media channels.

Qruize Media enables mobile devices to interface traditional and digital media using smart tags. Qruize drives real time customer engagement via interactive campaigns across print, television, radio; unites them with the digital and consequently, the social media experience.

Hooking up traditional media with the world of digital media is incredibly simple. See how it works.

See an enticing advertisement on paper or on TV? Keep your mobile phone handy. And scan or tap the displayed smart tag with Qruize Reader, a downloadable app. Be instantaneously transported to the digital world. Get directed to a web site and learn more about the exciting product. Enjoy the experience in rich multimedia – in vivid color and awesome sound. Claim that discount. Get that coupon. Check out that video. Take a virtual tour. Avail instant benefits. Attain instant gratification. With just a click!

Qruize Media is an amazing boon for businesses! Ad space and the static nature of traditional media is today’s constraint. If only the ad could show more!

Would you like to announce additional benefits in real time? Or, delight customers with dynamic offers? Apart from lively ads, get magnificent ROI with the least ad spend. Avail detailed analytics like the number of scans, time, place and device used to scan and make informed marketing decisions. Create designer smart tags in line with your marketing theme.

And individuals! Add muscle to your business card. Print a smart tag on it and allow people to connect to you and your social media presence with a measly click.

Lost your precious belongings? Your passport? Your wallet? Attaching a smart tag to your belongings will minimize many a headache if the finder can scan ownership details from it.

Ridiculously simple? Awesome benefits? Innovative use cases of smart tags are limited only by your imagination.

You can also ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Retweet’ to your heart’s content!

Just cruise to Qruize! Register and create a campaign in a flash using our incredible campaign management dashboard. Spend the most profitable 5 minutes ever! And connect the disconnected…